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Interesting places to visit in Kiev

Kiev – the city of fulfillment of wishes

You can find here a lot of places, where wish of the most intimate will be fulfilled


TOP 14 places, capable of a miracle, 
where you will be able to fulfill desires in Kiev:


1. Bridge of lovers in the Mariinskii park

People call it with different names: Park bridge, Devil's Bridge, Kissing bridge, Small bridge of Paton. But the essence not in the name of the bridge, but in it’s possibility to fulfill desires

There is a belief: if you want to be together all the time, take each other hands and tell “I love you!”, make the wish to be together all your life. So a couple will be inseparable.

Address: Mariinskii park, Mikhaila Grushevskogo street, underground «Arsenalnaya» station


2. lanterns-lovers on Maidan Mezalezhnosti

«lanterns-lovers» - Symbolical place on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. Lovers and romantic people come to  hugging sculptures. The elegant lantern - man of 2 meters of stature gently hugs his beautiful girlfriend. If you sit near these romantic lovers and think about love, they will surely hear your wish.

Address: 1 Khreshchatik street, one of the bench of Maidan Nzalezhnosti, not far from McDonalds


3. Fountain-monument "Leo-Aquarius" in the park at St. Michael's Square

If you want the lion fulfills your wish, you should sit on it and keep it’s bronze ears. Lion - a symbol of courage, strength, perseverance, wisdom. Make your wish associated with these qualities, and it will come true.

Address: St. Michael's Square, underground Maidan Nezalezhnosti station. 


4. The monument to Panteleimon cat near Golden Gates

This bronze sculpture has the real– the Persian cat Pantusha (Pantagruel, Panteleimon), who lived in the beginning of XX century in the Italian restaurant “Pantagruel”. In 1990 the gray Persian cat settled at the restaurant. He become a pet of workers and guests. The cat had never gave himself to go for a rest, before he personally convinced that all visitors comfortable and they are properly maintained. It so happened that the cat suffocated in the smoke from a fire. Later the friends of the restaurant installed a monument to him as a reminder of the sincere adorable animals who gave joy to others.

You can ask Panteleimon all you want, rubbing his ears, tail, nose.

Address: 40a Vladimirskaya street, underground “Golden Gates” station


5. The monument of Pronia Prokopovna and Golohvastov on Andreevskii spusk

Don’t pass this couple. Good, ironic characters of the famous comedy film lift your mood, bring a smile. They also will give the family fortune, bring good luck. And do not forget to hold the handle of a charming lady.

Address: 23 Andreevskii spusk, near Andreevskaya church.


6. The monument to Nikolay Yakovchenko and his dog near the Franko theatre

Make the wish near this monument, just sitting next to him on the bench, or patting the back of his dog. Be sure, it’ll  fulfill certainly because the monument of this actor emits the strongest power of good.

Address: Ivan Franco square, square near the theatre I.Franko


7. The crocodile on the house with chimeras

The house with chimeras is one of visit cards of Kiev. This unique architecture building of Gorodetskii of modern style impossible to leave without paying attention. Facade of the building is replete with incredible, fantastic creatures among which everyone can try to find a crocodile. Find it and your wish, no matter how cherished it is, will certainly be fulfilled.

Address: 10 Bankovaya street, near the Administrations of President


8. Old linden tree of Petro Mogila on the old Kiev hill near the  substructure of Desiatinnaya church.

One of the oldest tree of Ukraine – the linden tree, planted by the founder of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Metropolitan Petro Mohyla. It’s high near 15 meters, scope trunk – 3 meters. The age is almost 400 years old, but there is a version that is actually age is 1000 years old. The energy of this place is so strong, so you can make your wish even standing near this.

Address: 2 Vladimirskaya street, the linden tree near Landscape alley and National museum of history of Ukraine.


9. The fountain of desires on the wall of Kiev hotel "Intercontinental"

It consists of 21 bronze cups, every of it covered by gold leaf with the image of Greek goddess Nike. Over each bowl is a griffin's head from which water flows. Throw a coin into the water and make your most cherished dream.

Address: 2A Bolshaya Zhitomirskaya street, on the wall of Kiev hotel "Intercontinental"

10. Wish tree near museum of water

The high of the tree – 4,5 meters. It’s krone is 2,5 м in diameter, the weight is about 2 tons. For making wish you should read the instruction which will help grant the wishes

Address: near Water museum, 1b Grushevskogo street, park "Kreshchatyi".


11. The frog of material wealth

The 2 meters frog has the weight 6 tons and has few faces. There is a slot in its lips for coins.

You should rub noses of this frog and put your coin or the note with your wish to the slot

Address: near Water museum, 1b Grushevskogo street, park "Kreshchatyi".


12. The Fountain of St. Michael's Cathedral

Fountain, dreams come true, located in the courtyard of the Cathedral of St. Michael. Take a coin and press it properly to the one of the metal protrusions, dipping it first into the water. If it will be on the construction for a while, to be sure - the desire certainly true.

Address: 6 Tryokhsvyatitelskaya street, St. Michael's Cathedral, behind the cathedral.


13. The installation "Flying cow"

The installation "Flying cow" was set in the city center by Konstantin Skritutskii. Wooden interesting  animal became very popular very soon. Stand on the dung by one foot and think about financial welfare

For you and your relatives and make your wish.

Address: 53 Gonchara street, square.


14. Trinity Gate Church

This church is unique building of the beginning of XII century. Make your wish once a year on Trinity. This saint place is always hear all wishes.

Address: 15 Lavrskaya street, the Ortodox church, the main entrance to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

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